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Water bottles
with your logo

Water bottles
with your logo

Why are water bottles more than just advertising?

  • Support the philosophy of conscious consumption
    Using reusable water bottles reduces plastic consumption. The bottles themselves are recyclable.
  • Free advertising for your company
    A branded water bottle is not just a bottle, but an important brand communication tool with customers. It is always at hand, people will see your logo and brand awareness will increase.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe
    Annual tests are held in the "Minsk City Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology", as well as in the "Research Polytechnic Institute. You can view the tests at the link
  • Practical and high quality
    Water bottle will be used every day, not forgotten in the closet. The best way to tell about the quality is to get feedback from the owners of the bottles.

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"A good gift is one that you would use yourself, don't you agree? By definition, such a product cannot be cheap or of poor quality.

It's such a shame that people often don't understand this: "Let's order pens, T-shirts, diaries! Why is it so expensive? Can you make it cheaper?" - and as a consequence, it makes a meme out of it, not a gift. A pen doesn't work, a T-shirt shrank after the first wash, and so on.

A souvenir with a logo is not made "for a tick", it is a subject of pride of the company, its banner or a flag of shame. Let's create quality and safe gifts! "

Kate Romantsova
Specialist for work with corporate clients
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