Thermocup with fall protection Arti Art 470мл

A distinctive feature of the thermo mug is a suction cup on the bottom. Everyone is familiar with the situation when a mug of tea or coffee is knocked over and the drink pours all around, getting on your clothes, documents or computer and ruining everything. Thanks to the built-in suction cup, now you can forget about the fear of spilling your drink on the surface of the desktop.

Sucker fixes the mug so firmly that you can put it even on an inclined surface.

The mug will be an excellent purchase or a gift for IT workers, office workers and those who spend all day in front of the computer, sinking into work and forgetting about what's around. Also this magic mug is perfect for drivers, it can be fixed on the dashboard or in a cup holder and you don't have to worry about it knocking over during sharp turns or hitting a bump.

To detach the mug from the table, simply lift it vertically up.

The lid of the thermo mug is hermetically sealed.
The product is made of a combination of materials: the inner container - of stainless steel SUS304, the outer part - of ABS-plastic, seals the lid of the sealing elements of food-grade silicone.

*"LOGO" on the bottle is shown as an example. Your logo, depending on its parameters, may be applied in a different location and have a different desired size and orientation.

Brand: Arti Art
Country of manufacturer: China
Size: 470 ml
Weight: 320 grams
Size: height - 132 mm, width of the lower part - 76 mm, width of the upper part - 98 mm
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